I first met Keith ten years ago while on an around the world surf trip with my good friends Colin Giles and Chris Darrah. We met up with Keith and his brother Dan in a small town in Eastern Australia and we spent a few days surfing and telling story. This year I reconnected with Keith and he invited me to help film “Come Hell or High Water”. In his first role as director, Keith assembled a star crew of athletes and cinematographers to capture a look at the underground sport of bodysurfing. Filmed on location at places such as Tahiti, Hawaii, and the Wedge, the movie provides a timeless glimpse at the craft of bodysurfing and the people who do it.

The film premieres today at the New York Surf Film Festival.

See the trailer and international tour dates here:  Woodshed Films.

In true form. Keith Malloy mid way through one of the longest barrels that I’ve seen anyone make while bodysurfing…but then again I didn’t go on the Tahiti leg of the film.

-Erin Feinblatt

One Response to “Meet Keith Malloy”

  1. Josh


    Your work keeps getting better and better! We are going to try to see you Friday.

    PS your photos still grace our (new) office. People comment on them all the time

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