I stepped out of my office yesterday afternoon and decided that it was time to put the boat in the water and let the day pass in front of the lens. I’d been wanting to head up the coast to an offshore cormorant breeding site. With the calm seas and low winds I decided to give it a go. A few hours later I was at anchor, watching and listening to the prehistoric birds. A few years back I worked on a cormorant colony in the Pacific NW and I was grateful to be photographing the birds rather than researching them.

Just offshore, platform Holly reminds me of my petroleum addiction.

Back at the entrance to the Santa Barbara harbor I was greeted by ~15 California sea lions. I killed the engine and went on a drift. The young sea lions stayed 10ft off my stern and entertained me for half an hour.

Out of nowhere a sooty shearwater appeared. Not a very common site so close to shore.

As the sun fell behind the mesa I made my way back into the harbor.

At the tip of the sandbar a great blue heron patiently waits for the surge to reveal dinner.

-Erin Feinblatt