Brina and I are fresh back from another beautiful journey to the Baja peninsula. Our preparation for the three week journey south consisted of two solid days of organizing and packing, one of which took place in some of the hardest and most consistent rain that I’ve seen in Santa Barbara. The drive was slow and calculated. It began in a steady rain as we left Santa Barbara and quickly escalated to a downpour in Los Angeles. We arrived in San Diego in a light mist and crossed the border at daybreak with dry roads ahead. We made it to our destination, set camp, and oriented our internal clocks to Baja time.

The rain storm that we had left was quick to catch up to us. As long as you have nowhere to go, desert rains are sacred. Over the years I’ve learned the value in keeping a good camp and in exploiting the sometimes harsh elements. During this one night of rain we captured enough water to keep our dog from going thirsty for over a week.

Here are some images from the journey.

Approaching weather.

Baja tide pool. Cold water but as beautiful as the tropics.

The Osprey in Baja are legitimate. On a daily basis you can observe Osprey feeding and courtship behavior as if they never knew you existed. On this particular evening I hiked to a nearby Osprey nest, used a stand of Yucca as a blind and watched the Osprey as they interacted. Stay tuned for some HD video footage of the Osprey.

A single Osprey sits in the nest as a second Osprey approaches from the South. Look low, below the nest.

The second Osprey bringing material to the nest.

Settled in.

One of the reasons we travel all the way to Baja is to soak up the empty landscapes. No homes built on the bluffs, no fences, just quiet sunsets. I sure hope it stays that way.

Sitting in an open landscape for long periods of time ensures a few moments of “God Light”.

The Pelican is undeniably one of the best wave riders.

Taking off deep. I missed focus, but I love it the same.

A few shots from the water.


On one of our explorations. As if they were dropped from the sky!

For a size perspective.




2 Responses to “Baja”

  1. Sandy

    Beautiful … Now I know why the 3 of you repeat the adventure. MIL

  2. josh

    Great to see your photos, they are amazing. We still proudly display your art in our new office (across from the Chart house)

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