I awoke this morning craving a swim. Despite the cold weather and rainy forecast the ocean was calling. I occupied my day with the usual business and school-related activities and when the rain started falling and the light got interesting, I headed down to Rincon. While everyone else was fighting for position on the freeway I waded into the crisp blue ocean.

I had a great conversation with a good friend today about out of focus images. Orwig this one is for you…No I didn’t crop it.

You’ve got to love when we have weather!

The next two images are simply different interpretations of the same scene. The first shot at 70mm, steady and in focus. The second was shot at 200mm while panning left to right.

After getting out of the water I couldn’t help but take one more shot before heading for the car and a thermos of hot tea.

-Erin Feinblatt