My brother Jeff and my sister by marriage Sharon decided to test the capacities of their bodies by running the Hood to Coast relay race last week. Here’s the scoop. 12 people on a team. run from Mt. Hood (Oregon) to Seaside (Oregon) as fast as you can. take turns but not really any good naps. get in car. yell. run. get in car. yell. yell. yell. run. run….you get it. 197 miles in two days.

Here are photos from the finish. Congrats!

Since Jeff and Sharon were occupied, Uncle Erin traveled up to Oregon to watch, feed, diaper change, laugh, teach, listen, photograph, tickle, play doctor, break rules, and hang out with my nephews.




The weekend was really fun and while I didn’t get the chance to pick up my camera too often here are some photos from the trip.

2am the morning after the race I took Jeff to Ilwaco, WA to get on a boat with seven other Oregonians to go Albacore fishing. I think the lack of sleep helped my brother luck into a few fish.

Here’s Jeff and friends with a few of their fish. The don’t look heavy but the guys were struggling.

Elliot was really excited and Owen was a bit puzzled.

at the beach in Seaside.

Here are a few sites from the trip.

-Erin Feinblatt

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