The other day I stumbled on Simply Pies on Hollister Ave. I was driving over to Fairview Gardens to pick up some fresh strawberries for a photo shoot and when I saw the sign for the pie shop I made a u-turn and went inside. Turns out they feature Fairview’s organic strawberries in their strawberry rhubarb pie…so I got a pie to photograph as well. The best thing about them is that they are committed to supporting our local farmers and community by using locally grown seasonal organic fruits, vegetables and antibiotic/hormone free free-range eggs in their handcrafted bakery items. All of the other organic ingredients, including dairy, are purchased from local businesses and co-ops.

Here is a shot featuring the strawberries.

In this one the pie takes center stage.

Following the photo shoot I couldn’t resist sampling the pie. Even on the eve of Mother’s Day I would have to say this is the best strawberry rhubarb pie I have ever had. Sorry Mom! That said not many people can say that one of their fondest childhood memories was strawberry rhubarb pie with home grown rhubarb… so I still have the best mom ever!

-Erin Feinblatt