Last week Brina and I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to go out to Santa Rosa Island. Here are a few photographs from the journey.

Channel Islands Aviation. Might have been the best flight I have ever had!

How often do you get to sit in the cockpit?

As we came out of the fog we got our first glance of Santa Rosa Island. Torrey Pines!!!! I’ve been waiting a long time to see this grove of trees.

Perched on Black Mountain looking for a juvenile Golden Eagle. It looks warm but I had all my layers on and still had a chill in me.

As night fell and the moon rose. Black Mountain looking toward Santa Cruz Island.

The next day. Native Range was out there to help us locate the birds. These Kiwis are the real deal. Nearly landed on my head with smiles all the while.

Soledad Oaks.

While waiting for our ride home we went down to the shoreline. Bechers Beach looking toward Santa Cruz Island.

From the airstrip looking at Santa Cruz Island.

Aerial perspective on Yellow Banks, Santa Cruz Island.

One more dream achieved.

-Erin Feinblatt