I had the chance to spend Halloween on Santa Cruz Island. My wife Brina is a kayak guide for the Santa Barbara Adventure Company (SBACO), and she took me out for a day at the islands.

©2009 Erin FeinblattThe day started out early at the Ventura Harbor. Island Packers took us out on their beautiful catamaran the Islander.

©2009 Erin FeinblattThere is something about harbors.

©2009 Erin FeinblattBrina and fellow guide Jen. Not a bad job.

©2009 Erin FeinblattI couldn’t help but take a photograph of this. It seems I’ve heard this story before.

©2009 Erin FeinblattHalf of the fun is the boat ride out and back. Here everyone is on the rail as a pod of common dolphin ride the bow.

©2009 Erin FeinblattEnough said.

©2009 Erin FeinblattAt Scorpion Ranch.

©2009 Erin FeinblattPaddling up to the first sea cave.

©2009 Erin FeinblattPutting things in perspective.

©2009 Erin FeinblattOnce you get to the back of this cave you need headlamps to illuminate the way.

©2009 Erin FeinblattLooking back.

©2009 Erin FeinblattCalifornia Gold.

©2009 Erin FeinblattThe Simpsons…

©2009 Erin FeinblattThis was shot inside the cave called the Green Room. Light enters the cave below the water level, through a small hole in the wall, and as the light bounces around underwater it fills the room with an unbelievable green. No Photoshop here.

©2009 Erin FeinblattThe bird life on the islands is out of control. From pelagic species like black-vented shearwaters seen on the boat ride, to battling peregrine falcons seen above Scorpion rock, if you keep your eyes open you are sure to see some great wildlife. Brina had been telling me about a loggerhead shrike that had been frequenting the beach at Scorpion Ranch. Sure enough, as we were eating lunch it came to visit.

©2009 Erin FeinblattHere is a closer look at one of my favorite birds.

©2009 Erin FeinblattWhat a killer day!

2 Responses to “Santa Cruz Island”

  1. JB

    love. love. love. now i can identify the loggerhead shrike!! thanks!

  2. rommel

    You take really good pictures. These are just beautiful. Makes me wanna go to one of the cruises quick. Unfortunately, my decent camera got stolen and I want to hold off and wait before I do any trips. 😦

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