Here are some photos from a Baja trip I took earlier this year. I could easily spend months of each year in a place like this.

The desert landscapes are phenomenal at dusk and dawn.

©2009 Erin Feinblatt

Our friends Ralph and Mary walking back after a solid day’s work.

©2009 Erin Feinblatt

Fibber’s Paradise.

©2009 Erin Feinblatt

The local fisherman in Baja are as tough as they get. This is an early morning glance at their daily routine.

©2009 Erin Feinblatt

I love to imagine what our beaches would look like had we never built houses on top of them, run freeways beside them, or poured cement over them.

©2009 Erin Feinblatt


©2009 Erin Feinblatt


©2009 Erin Feinblatt

Although I used to think it never rains in Baja, the past twelve years have taught me to always be prepared. Desert landscapes are stunning under adverse weather.

©2009 Erin Feinblatt

-Erin Feinblatt

One Response to “Baja”

  1. John

    Hey, I have that book somewhere. Or at least I used to have it.

    And I have been so stuck in the rain in Baja. Especially from La Paz south.

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